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Creating class a Luxury Apartment communities

DPJ Residential, LLC is a Charlotte-based Multifamily developer specializing in unique, high-end apartment communities located throughout the Southeast region. Since inception in 2014, DPJ has developed 10 communities throughout Charlotte, Wilmington, Winston-Salem and Savannah, totaling over $425 million.

By selecting locations that are within close proximity to employment, restaurants,bars and green space, DPJ’s communities offer residents the ability to live,work and play, all within their immediate neighborhood.  In addition, buying the land at a lower than market basis, keeping our overhead costs to a minimum, and designing a cost-efficient development, our communities will attract a wider range of prospective renters and will have a long-standing competitive pricing advantage in the marketplace.

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Erin's Testimonial

Porter Jones is an exceptional multifamily developer with strong attention to detail. He is incredibly analytical, and possess strong market and operational knowledge. He’s extremely creative with his overall design and unit finishes and is always ahead of the current market trends. He’s not afraid to try something new and to be a trendsetter in the multifamily space. His constant collaboration with ownership/investors, designers and his 3rd party management teams makes him a very well rounded developer which has contributed to the overall continued success of his projects. At Chaucer Creek we are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to partner with DPJ over the past seven years on numerous successful ground up deals and excited for that partnership to continue for many years to come.
- Kelly Auman
Director of Asset Management
Chaucer Creek

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Creating class a Luxury Apartment communities

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